Pet Presence

1-500x441Pet Presence. An urn for your pets ashes, that glows randomly giving the impression that it is responding to the presence of the pets spirit. This will be comforting for some owners, giving them the reassurance that their pet is still with them in some sense


Calypso key

With Calypso key you can have the keys to your house be a part of your iPhone. The lock on your door has an NFC (Near Field Communication) reader which reacts to an NFC chip embedded in your iPhone case

The internet of weird things at SXSW: smart porta potties, light books and a robot zen gardener


Sometimes the internet of things is just there to mess with you. At the official opening night party for the SXSW Interactive Festival on Friday, design firm Frog Design created a party space where objects embedded with computing and wireless networks made party-goers think, laugh, and maybe even feel a little uncomfortable.

Frog, which has hosted the kick-off party for many years, called the series of interactive displays “The Other Singularity,” and Frog Principal Technologist Jared Ficklin said they were meant to show tech in “unexpected places.” Ficklin said Frog was expecting between 4,000 and 7,000 people to pass through the party and play with the displays.

Augmented Reality Porta Potty

Frog Design

After you enter the porta potty, a video display is projected onto the door and it can show whether you’re standing or sitting and how long you’ve been in the biffy. While the installation wasn’t working for part of the…

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Twine-hero-warm_2_grande_grandeEver wanted to control your objects or make awesome tech stuff happen but you lack the ability or time to learn how to code? Well the Twine is the perfect solution for you as it can make things happen with a very simple and easy to use interface which requires no knowledge of coding


Imagine having your doorbell send you a text when someone arrives or you oven telling you when your food is done! With moisture, temperature, vibration and many other sensors available to make your dumb product smart Twine make hacking tech possible even for beginners

Of course it goes without saying that the actions are limited however if you were to combine it with an Arduino then the possibilities are incredible

Ambient umbrella

ambient-umbrellaThe ambient umbrella is an example of dumb objects becoming smart, it works by illuminating the handle if their is any snow, thunder, rain or drizzle being forecast as a way for people to know when they will need their umbrella. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a sensing grip that you could ft on to your own umbrella instead of buying this particular one as it may not fair to well as an umbrella and at the price of $130 if the umbrella itself wasn’t any good then that is a huge amount of money to spend on something that can’t be put on another umbrella for future uses


Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 23.57.12Fitbit is device similar to the Nike fuel band and Jawbone Up, through small actions being done every day it helps you achieve big goals. It does this in both the traditional way of showing you your calories burned and steps taken as well as a much newer way by tracking your sleeping patterns. All of this can be recorded and managed in an app and on screen application which helps you achieve your goal of being fit in a much simpler way

Charlie Luxton profiles Dunne & Raby

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 23.08.40Dunne and Raby are well known for the idea of Critical design which leans more towards the side of art rather than a functional product/graphic/service

“Critical design I guess is about using design to ask questions rather than provide answer” — Anthony Dunne

robotallgirlcopyOne of their projects tries to get people to think of ‘robots’ in a differant way to how they are normally perceived while their ‘evidence dolls’ sort of fits a function but again is more of a statement, the idea is that when you go out with a new guy you buy a doll that represents him and you can personalise it to make this more obvious.  They also have a compartment where you can store a piece of genetic material that belong to the person the doll represents

This kind of approach to design is interesting as it goes against the traditional way people think of design. I wander if my final major project could have more of a critical design approach?


The Roomba is smart vacuum cleaning robot which can clean your floor when you tell it to, just let it loose and it will clean the whole room which it does section by section and with help from sensors on the side of it so it can detect  and avoid obstacles. Could this be the new future of home automation where even the internet of things can come in to play?

Possibly Ericsson included it in their example of the social web of things where objects can talk to each other. Maybe in the future you won’t need to tell it when to clean it will clean when it decides it’s time to through detecting dirt in your home

Dominic Wilcox – GPS Shoes

Dominic Wilcox was commissioned last year to make a pair of shoes so he took his inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and her magical shoes that could take her home. These shoes can do exactly that with GPS embedded in them and LEDs showing which way the way home is