Tomorrows world

8001_home_feature_01Beginning in 1965, the BBC’s flagship science programme ran for nearly 40 years. Its mix of quirky film reports and live experiments examined the changing state of current technology and put new inventions to the test



1672402-slide-750-twitter-02#FLOCK by Berg is a birdhouse which interacts with your Twitter account, every time you get an @ mention, retweet or anything else a bird will pop its head out of the birdhouse so it’s the same sort of thing as Olly and Molly

Pillow talk – ring

pt1The third design for the pillow talk has a device you put in your pillow and a ring which you wear as not everyone has a smart phone yet so this replaces the need for one

Pillow talk – wristband

pillow - 2Pillow talk in its second forme consists of 2 wristbands which long distance lovers wear. The wristband pick up the wearers heartbeat and transmits it to your smartphone via bluetooth, you in turn will feel your lovers heartbeat through the wristband


Tableau is a wooden table that is connected to the internet. Photos get printed out and left in the drawer for you to pick up physically and you can even place physical notes in the drawer and have them be turned in to a digital version that can be shared


splash-900With all the communication tools available to us, we sometimes forget how to just run into a friend, or to keep tabs on where family is. Social networking services provide a constant, low-resolution stream of what friends are doing, but they require attention to check and filter. This calls for a divergence toward simpler, more appropriate tools.

The proximeter is a wall instrument that tracks the past and future proximity of one’s family and friends. By abstracting existing calendar and social network feeds into a glanceable pattern of paths, it nurtures a sense of the general state of our scattered tribe and nudge us toward more face-to-face interactions when opportunities arise.

More than just telling you where people are right now, the proximeter tells you where people will be traveling, by subscribing to their online calendar and Dopplrfeeds. With a Twitter account, the instrument can also use other services to track people and objects through space and time, such as shipping packages or touring bands.

Proverbial wallets

Each wallet acts a certain way based on your behaviour with money for instance the Bumblebee wallet vibrates every time a bank transaction is made to make you more aware of it. Mother bear makes opening your wallet tougher the closer you are to your monthly budget, Peacock changes it’s size depending on your account balance


Molly is a device which connects to your computer and links to your twitter, when you get a certain number of retweets she rewards you with a sweet


Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 19.56.25Olly is a device that you connect to your computer and links with your Twitter account, when you get an @ mention, post, or any notification at all Olly will release a scent in to the air. The scents can be anything you want from perfume to oils and are easily cutomisable