Charlie Luxton profiles Dunne & Raby

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 23.08.40Dunne and Raby are well known for the idea of Critical design which leans more towards the side of art rather than a functional product/graphic/service

“Critical design I guess is about using design to ask questions rather than provide answer” — Anthony Dunne

robotallgirlcopyOne of their projects tries to get people to think of ‘robots’ in a differant way to how they are normally perceived while their ‘evidence dolls’ sort of fits a function but again is more of a statement, the idea is that when you go out with a new guy you buy a doll that represents him and you can personalise it to make this more obvious.  They also have a compartment where you can store a piece of genetic material that belong to the person the doll represents

This kind of approach to design is interesting as it goes against the traditional way people think of design. I wander if my final major project could have more of a critical design approach?


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