Good night lamp – IoT showcase

Good night lamp - 3The good night lamp was also seen at the IoT showcase where I got to see it up close. It consists of a big lamp which you use as your primary lamp at home and a miniature lamp which you give to a friend. When you turn on the big light the little light turns on to show your presence

Good night lamp - info

I like how the big and little lamps have their materials inverted to each other although there are some other things I noticed after a while. First thing was that the little lamp has its own plug so that means if you have more than 1 you will probably need an extension socket to fit the others in to, something else is that each of the little lamps looks identical which would be confusing if you have many of them as you wouldn’t know which one represents which person. In the info sheet it showed the little lamps all glowing a differant colour although I don’t know if this actually happens or if it is just something that is being worked on. None the less an interesting project


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