wattson-prWattson is a unique product as it was one of probably 1% of products which was made to satisfy a completely new function which had never been tackled before. Measuring energy used in the home. Now of course there were some ways to measure this in the past but this is the first of its kind because it does it digitally, it displays how much power and the price it costs to run that amount of power per hour on its LED display on the top of the device and takes an extremely low amount of power to run. Someone from DIY Kyoto (the company responsible for Wattson) came in to Ravensbourne and talked about this to us, aparently it uses £5 a year worth of electricity to power it. The data can also be viewed on a computer with the special software that comes with it if you want to find out specific. When he said the RRP was expensive  I questioned him about why someone would buy a Wattson as it costs a lot to tell you how much money your spending on power, so you have to spend money to save money. (NOTE – This person turned out to be a tutor in my 3rd year called Jon)

A strange concept but it seems to work and is well received and whats more is ever since it has come out there have been many copies of this product made by other companies like EDF energy and British gas which just goes to show that this is a new feature that people will have more access to in the future and will help in the fight to reduce the amount of power we use. Some companies have even done promotions were they give away an energy monitor for free if you sign up to help move this along


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