IoT Showcase

AlexLast night I went to an IoT (Internet of things) meetup at Imperial college. I have been trying to go to a meetup for a few months but the places go REALLY fast, so fast that the May meetup had all its places gone in 30 minutes!

There were a great deal of products being showcased that I already knew of like the Good night lampBleep bleeps and the Berg little printer as well as many other interesting things I didn’t know of like a scrolling SMS display with NFC inbuilt and a project worked on by one of my tutors called the Optisave

2013-04-09 20.59.02I got to talk to many people about IoT as well as learn some interesting things that will help me in making my final major project most importantly the limits of what I can do with the technology that exists at the moment. There are some minor things you wouldn’t think of until you research the products like how the mini lamps in the Good night lamp each have to be plugged in to the main and how the longer you have the little printer the longer its hair grows

Despite not getting a place for the next meet up I am on the wait list and someone even told me to just turn up anyway as usually people drop out at the last minute. Which is exactly what I will do on May 21st


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