Hack n Mod

Hack N Mod is a website which is home to a community of people who love to hack and modify existing products or technology. The term hacking may be a bit strong though the principle is to use objects in ways that they may not necessarily been designed for but are capable of doing, some of the ideas are so radical that even the creator didn’t think of it being used in that way and in some cases they have been used in art installations such as the Electroboutique and Listening post exhibitions at the Science museum.

The Wii remote has a built in accelerometer to detect the gamers hand gestures and thus controls the character in the game though the primary function can be changed  and used for different tasks such as being used in a presentation to freely controlling the arm of a robot through servos which act based on the accelerometers position. The functions can even be done without the Wii itself ss long as the remote has an infrared source it can connect to which in some cases can be as simple as the light from a candle

The Wii remote and motion based technology are just a small fraction of Hack N Mod as projects can take any forme and are usually very surprising. Some other of the more famous hacks on branded products include a Roomba cleaning robot being powered by a hamster running on its wheel, a loudspeaker reading out random tweets a modified an Xbox 360 controller to pilot UAVs (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) which have been used by the army

The possibilities are as endless as the shear amount of technology being produced and I think its safe to say that no matter what comes forth from hacking and modifying the results will be both unexpected and provide a great insight to how technolog can be used in the future


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