Milk_Jug__Secondary_01The Milkmaid is a smart jug that you put your milk in to and can tell you when your milk is about to get out of date as well as how many cups of milk you have left, all this information can be accessed by an iPhone app . Why the hell would anyone want that? Is your nose not capable of smelling when milk has gone off or something? Why apply so much technology to something that doesn’t need to have it? When would you ever need an app to tell you information on your milk?

This is a perfect example of tech being used for the wrong reasons.Despite me thinking there is no point in this it actually won an award on Quirky + GE Project. I would love to know what is so good about it that it won an award. Sure it looks nice and it does some cool stuff but would anyone actually use one for any use other than holding milk. I don’t know you tell me


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