The internet of things

Put simply the internet of things is an idea where services and devices work seamlessly together to make things easier and whens things go wrong the best solutions can be found andealt with as quickly as possible. Some people are scared of the internet of things thinking that such power over their everyday life would have a big brother effect on them while others say exactly the opposite, that the collaboration of things in everyday life will make life easier and better for us all

While the internet is a huge thing and has only gotten larger due to the introduction of augmented reality and QR (Quick Response) codes allowing physical objects to be related to the digital world you have to ask is it really necessary for everything to be connected in someway to the internet? In the video above a perfect day was described and it works for scenarios like that but what would be the line were we stop making things integrate digitally? Should a lunchbox automatically keep your lunch at a certain temperature? Should a mug of tea be able to sense how much tea is left in it and send a message to a secretary to get you another mug in x amount of minutes? An info graphic by Cisco notes that a recent Dutch start up known as Sparked use wireless sensors on cattle so that if one gets sick it lets the farmer know. Is that really necessary? Surely farmers can’t be lazy or stupid enough to not know their cattle is sick and also think of the cost for just one sensor let enough to cover every animal

Although these are extreme examples and I think it is necessary to think of them as it shows that the internet of things does not necessarily need to be as big as people want it to be, not to mention that should it come under the control of hackers it could cause problems which would be harder to remedy. Personally I think the internet of things is an amazing idea but it needs time to be phased in and the people in charge of it should be careful about how they use it, maybe even taking a page from Apple’s book that its better to have small amounts of great things than mass amounts of crappy ones


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