Berg – little printer

In late 2011 design consultancy Berg showcased a new product they hope to release in 2012 known as the little printer. The little printer is a device which once connected to your wifi can access content you can subscribe to such as newspaper articles by the guardian, to do lists, weather updates, recipes and a variety of other things. It uses receipt paper and prints using an ink less thermal printer, once finished printing whatever data the user is subscribed to it prints a smiling face to be displayed in the frame which acts as an icon to show it’s finished and ready to print again if need be


The main uses for the information you get from the little printer seem to be small things you might want to read on the way to work or stick on your fridge to remind you to do something. Five partners have been confirmed to work with the little printer from its launch these being Google, the guardian newspaper, Foursquare, Nike & Arup although a lot more are expected to join in on the action after it launches. It is controlled by the smart phone app it will come with and takes little effort to set up, simply attach a separate device in to one of the modem slots on your router and your ready to go

Is the little printer something you would buy? Sure it is a nice piece of design, it’s environmentally friendly and provides a good quality service but who is the actual target audience for it? I would think the ideal market would be other design consultancies, business men in a rush during the morning and people who like to stay connected to the social world. No price has been set as of yet and no fixed date either although whenever it will come and however much it will cost it will surely be something amazing when it makes it debut


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